ANIMATION BREAKDOWN 2014: Animation Breakdown Roundup! 2

Co-presented by RAD FORTRESS.

Back after months of tirelessly combing international film fests and the Web for the best and awesomest, Animation Breakdown’s own Alex McDonald and Kevin Sukho Lee (animation producer, Yo Gabba Gabba) have returned to bring you a second edition of their picks from NOW and all over the world. Once an adored staple of arthouse theaters and college campuses worldwide, the animated anthology (Spike & Mike, The International Tournee, The Animation Show) has all but disappeared — but it’s time to change that. With a mix of artistic chin-rubbers and the kind of oddball, trippy ridiculousness that’s etched on Cinefamily’s DNA, this new program delivers the goods. After the tremendous response to last spring’s multi-sellout run for the first ABD Roundup!, there was just no choice but to drop another mix of premieres and favorites for 2014. Get your tix right quick and come celebrate the greatest from around the globe. Tune in, turn on, ROUNDUP!

- Priorities (dir. Gints Zillbalodis — L.A. premiere)
- Three Six Five (dirs. Brothers McLeod — L.A. premiere)
- The Bigger Picture (dir. Daisy Jacobs)
- Driving (dir. Nate Theis — L.A. premiere)
- Palm Rot (dir. Ryan Gillis)
- Old Man (dir. Leah Shore)
- Ladies Night (dir. Simeon Kondev — L.A. premiere)
- I Decided To Leave (dir. Dan Britt — L.A. premiere)
- Titts (dirs. Thomas de Rijk, Ricky Calvit Jonnson, Jr. & Kevin Boitelle — L.A. premiere)
- Nuklear Family (dir. Olivier Carrette — L.A. premiere)
- The Chaperone (dirs. Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone)
- Tempête sur Anorak (dir. Paul Cabon — L.A. premiere)

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for this year’s Animation Breakdown Roundups!