Angel Guts: Red Classroom

Co-presented by The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles

Based on future “erotic noir” filmmaker Takashi Ishii’s manga of the same name, this second entry in Nikkatsu’s “Angel Guts” franchise takes a somewhat more starkly serious — although no less skeezy(!) — look at the porno trade than some of its ‘70s contemporaries. Desensitized to sex and burnt out by the grind of publishing a skin rag, Tetsuro becomes obsessed with a women he sees in an underground stag film — and like a sleazoid Sam Spade, makes it his mission to search the scum underground and find her before it’s too late. Not a Guinea Pig-style torture flick like its unfortunate title implies, Chusei Sone’s film instead delivers a neon- and rain-soaked film noir, where the hero is emasculated and the dame is too far gone. With a Sam Fuller-like gritty surface, and a penchant for experimentalism and abstraction that zaps you with emotional subtext, Sone delivers the grubby goods.
Dir. Chusei Sone, 1979, 35mm, 79 min.

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