Andy Votel presents: Kleksploitation (U.S. premiere!)

UK reissue label impresario/DJ Andy Votel embodies the closest analogue to the Cinefamily spirit across the pond. Through both his tireless efforts with Finders Keepers Records and his own remix projects, Andy fights the good fight, keeping the flame of weird and wonderful film music alive. He’s only able to make it out to L.A. once a year — and we’re thrilled to present his latest project while he’s in town: Kleksploitation, a tribute to “reconstituted cinematic synth-pop from Communist Poland’s deepest hallucinogenic hibernation period.” Back in the Eighties death throes of the Iron Curtain era, enigmatic film composer Andrzej Korzynski (who often collaborated with Cinefamily favorite Andrzej Zulawski on films like Possession) scored a trio of surreal sci-fi kids’ flicks called Pan Kleks. In Votel’s words, these films embody “some of the freest, most self-contained music to ever come out of Poland” — and in honor of these landmark works, Andy will live-remix a dreamy collage of Pan Kleks’ impossible imagery using Korzynski’s equally stunning soundtrack cuts. This promises to be a seriously cool evening — and a U.S. premiere of the project!

Watch the trailer for “Kleksploitation”! NOTE: this trailer contains the playdate for the event’s original U.K. premiere. Our Cinefamily show will take place on Monday, August 25th, 9:30pm.
YouTube Preview Image