Andy And The Airwave Rangers (co-star Chuck Kovacic in person!)

Co-presented by Everything Is Terrible!

Fun fact: This one goes on every member of Everything Is Terrible’s top-ten lists, and is a huge inspiration for their films! The Roger Corman-produced Andy & The Airwave Rangers is a real doozy, ‘cause it’s more than a dozen movies in one. We don’t mean that metaphorically; it’s actually a bunch of other Corman fantasy and action movies glued together by ominous child-rape and VHS nostalgia! On a trip to something called a “video store,” Andy is given an “Incredible Video Adventure” tape by a creepy clerk (à la The Neverending Story), which sucks his sister through the TV (à la Poltergeist) and into the hands of the evil Lord Chroma, who plans to use her pale skin to paint the walls of his castle (à la Silence Of The Lambs!) As our hero leaps into the video wasteland, he green-screens his way into a bunch of highly inappropriate flicks like Chopping Mall and Deathsport, accompanied by bookending SFX sequences that even a six-year-old would scratch their head over. “This funky omnibus of nonsense couldn’t possibly count as a movie,” you say? Then if calling this a movie is wrong, we don’t wanna be right! But wait, there’s more — Chuck Kovacic (aka “Lord Chroma”) will be here in person to discuss this madness, as we try and piece it all together! Plus, the show opens with a silly selection of other EIT-curated kiddie freakouts!
Dir. Deborah Brock, 1988, VHS presentation, 75 min.

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