And the Ship Sails On (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Pre-reception with drink and sea songs by Courtney Stephens (on the harmonium) and Erin Schneider (on the accordion) — at 7pm
Show at 8pm (preceded by a puppet show)

With an accelerated history of filmmaking itself—silence giving way to sound, black and white slipping into color—And the Ship Sails On, begins. At the onset of WWI, friends of a late opera singer have gathered to spread the deceased’s ashes. With a Fellini stand-in as a guide, the ship full of typically eccentric Fellini characters—bourgeois artists, in this case—sets out to sea. One of the final offerings of Fellini’s career, this film is the work of a director who has mastered a style defined by opposition; bombastic humor mingles with sadness, delightfully over-the-top scenes—like one in which multiple Opera performers attempt to out-sing each other—are juxtaposed with the quiet dramas of the less successful artists on board. A film that could only come into being towards the end of a long, acclaimed filmography, And the Ship Sails On is both a celebration of the vitality and hubris of artists, and a portrait of their powerlessness in the face of war.

Dir. Federico Fellini, 1983, digital presentation, 132 min.

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