An Evening With Paul Dooley, live!

Come see Paul Dooley, character actor extraordinaire, workshop material for his brand-new one-man show all about his long and storied career, plus screen for us rare short films such as his tribute to Buster Keaton filmed when he was but a teenager!

He’s the quintessential “movie dad”, having played the irascible, yet loveable Midwestern pops from Breaking Away and Sixteen Candles. He’s a veteran of the legendary Second City improv troupe, occupying the elder statesman seat in Christopher Guest excursions like A Mighty Wind and Waiting For Guffman. He’s one of the most beloved Robert Altman ensemble players, with highly memorable turns in Popeye, A Wedding, A Perfect Couple and H.E.A.L.T.H. His face instantly radiates a warmth unmatched by most any other character actor of his stature — and he’s got some amazing stories to tell. He’s Paul Dooley, and he’s coming to the Cinefamily stage for an up-close and personal appearance, featuring a career-spanning Q&A and rare short films of his from throughout the decades! Touching on all facets of his epic life on stage and screen (did you know he was the co-creator of The Electric Company, or that he played opposite Walter Matthau in The Odd Couple on Broadway?), this evening is a bounty of chuckles, mayhem and cool footage.

Watch the trailer for “An Evening With Paul Dooley”!