An Evening With Larry Cohen (feat. The Stuff & sneak preview of new Larry Cohen film!)

special secret sneak preview! – 5:00pm
Kicking off our tribute to Larry Cohen is a sneak preview of Larry’s latest work!

An Evening With Larry Cohen – 7:00pm
Meeting Larry Cohen is to bear witness to how his vast, active mind truly pours out an endless stream of ideas. His creativity seems to be on tap: a veritable faucet he can turn on at will. He likes making movies by trusting his creative instincts (which sometimes involve no permits, no schedules, or no production manager), working by the seat of his pants — and one time, even making two movies at once that way! But the slapdash quality of his films only feel like a reflection of the director’s impatience to get his next BIG idea out, and who cares when it’s all so much fun? Cohen’s movies are a wild hodgepodge of hilarious ideas, high concepts and genre mutations from an encyclopedia-like film mind. His horror movies feature Mexican serpent gods, hermaphroditic messiahs, killer babies and menacing sentient dessert snacks. His dialogue is exuberant, his sight gags prolific, and the only thing you can expect for sure in his harebrained masterpieces is to be consistently surprised by their awesomeness. But the only thing better than watching a Larry-thon is enjoying his personal company, as he pours forth anecdotes and insights on everything ranging from ‘50s television, the meaning of life, and J. Edgar Hoover. Join Larry for a live 90-minute onstage Q&A about his entire career!

The Stuff – 8:30pm-ish
It’s sub-Gaian goo so good it’ll tingle your taste buds and enthrall your mortal husk to serve its greater purposes! It’s pink and pint-sized, deadly and delectable, and you won’t mind gobbling it up, because it’s The Stuff, and enough…is never enough. Larry Cohen serves up another scoop of social commentary-laden comedic horror so ambitious and so delicious that your critique-o-meter will be teetering between “genius” and “madness”, as the world is dominated by an evil dessert product bent on controlling the minds of everyone on Earth! With incredible melting marshmallow FX, spot-on parodies of pop culture commercials — and a nutty cast of characters including SNL alum Garrett Morris as the kung fu-wielding “cookie king of New Jersey”, Paul Sorvino as the bonkers extremist militia man, and our eternal fave Michael Moriarty as an industrial saboteur hired by the failing ice cream companies of the world to investigate the evil alternative to America’s favorite confection. So dawn your bib and get ready to dig in to one of the greatest gems of gonzo horror!
Dir. Larry Cohen, 1985, digital presentation, 93 min.

Watch the trailer for “The Stuff”!
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