An Evening With Kim Ki-Duk (feat. Time)

TIME – 6:30PM
Around half of South Korean women in their twenties have had plastic surgery. In this chilling melodrama, Kim Ki-duk uses this most disturbing national obsession — the ideal of ul-jjang (literally, “a perfect face”) — as the launching point for a wildly original exploration of love, identity, and, of course, time. Ji-Yeon Park stars as the petulant woman whose extreme jealousy prompts an extreme makeover. After leaving her boyfriend, she disappears for six months and emerges with a completely altered face, keeping her identity hidden from him in order to test his love. With the “post-op” version of the lead character played by a completely different actress, Time recalls a more paranormal Douglas Sirk in its provocative and histrionic approach to physical mutation and modern romance.
Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, 2006, 35mm, 97 min.

Winner of the highest prizes at such prestigious institutions as the Berlin, Venice and Cannes Film Festivals, yet treated at arm’s length in his home country, the fiercely independent Kim Ki-Duk is South Korea’s preeminent cinematic enfant terrible, and continues to shock and surprise the entire world with works that tread the line between the profane and the impossibly beautiful. This highly prolific picturemaker, having had no previous background in artistic pursuits, first dropped out of the South Korean marine corps to become a bohemian painter in France — and it is this unusual lineage that informs his entire cinematic body, as he continues to spin narratives that immediately grab you by the throat and don’t let go, while also treating you to a host of images that can be as wispy as dandelion fuzz in the breeze of a summer morning. Tonight, Kim Ki-Duk appears on the Cinefamily stage, for an extremely rare live stateside interview session in which he discusses his work past and present!

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