An Evening With Ken Jacobs (moderated by Azazel Jacobs!)

Co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum

Ken Jacobs has called cinema “a form of thinking;” by his own measure, we must count Jacobs among the greatest thinkers of his generation. Los Angeles Filmforum and The Cinefamily are thrilled to host a night of films and Q&A conversation with an artist whose diverse body of work, spanning six decades, contains many of experimental film’s most pioneering, provocative statements. A major figure whose works have been canonized in the permanent collections of MOMA and the Whitney, Jacobs has given us films, videos, performances and writings which have forever altered our concept of what cinema has been and can become. Alternately hilarious, hypnotic, confrontational and meditative, the films in this program testify to Jacobs’ lifelong commitments: progressive politics, the history and splendor of the moving image, and the search for new ideas/forms. Tonight’s five selections, shown on 16mm, 35mm and digital, all showcase divergent approaches to found footage, drawing on such wide-ranging sources as Jacobs’ longstanding fascination with the birth of cinema, high-speed transfer operas based on his own previous films, and fascinating newscast outtakes projected exactly as Jacobs found them in a wastebin. We welcome this legendary artist in person to discuss his work, and participate in a Q&A with another remarkable filmmaker: Jacobs’ own son, Azazel (director of Sundance hit Terri)!

Films to be screened (curated by Mark Toscano of the Academy Film Archive. Click on each title for more info!):
- The Doctor’s Dream (1978, 16mm, 23 min., B&W, sound)
- Keaton’s Cops (1991, 16mm, 18 min., B&W, silent)
- Perfect Film (1986, 16mm, 22 min., B&W, sound)
The Georgetown Loop (1996, 35mm, 11 min, B&W, silent)
- A Tom Tom Chaser (2002, digital presentation, 10 min., B&W, silent).

Watch “Little Stabs At Happiness” by Ken Jacobs!
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