An Evening with Jackie Raynal featuring Deux Fois

Co-presented by Veggie Cloud

“Tonight will be the end of meaning. Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.”

Join us for an evening with core Zanzibar figure, filmmaker, editor, and programmer Jackie Raynal, featuring a screening of her wildly experimental film, Deux Fois.

While Jackie Raynal is best known as the former programmer of two of New York’s premiere art cinemas—the Carnegie Hall and the Bleecker Street—she began her career in film nearly forty years ago in Paris, where by 1964 she was the youngest film editor in France, editing for Éric Rohmer among others. Challenged by Zanzibar patroness Boissonnas to stop editing other people’s films and make her own, Raynal traveled to Barcelona, where she completed Deux Fois (translated as Two Times, or playfully, Twice Upon a Time) in a single week. One of the most enigmatic of the Zanzibar films, it is composed of a series of unconnected episodes, some of which are repeated. The film begins with a prologue in which Raynal (carefully made-up and fashionably dressed) is seated, head lowered and hands joined in prayer, before both her dinner and her film. While Deux Fois lays claim to the Surrealist legacy of Buñuel and Cocteau, it gained critical recognition as a pioneering work within the burgeoning feminist cinema. —Sally Shafto

Dir. Jackie Raynal, 1968, digital presentation, 65 min.

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