An Evening With Bruce Bickford (feat. World Premiere of his completed film "Cas'l"!)

Imagine if the lovechildren of Hieronymous Bosch and Gumby creator Art Clokey were conceived during a brown-acid freakout — and you’ll have but a glimpse into the plasticine psychedelia that inhabits the mindblowing microcosmos of animator Bruce Bickford! Best known for the films that admirer/collaborator Frank Zappa helped release into the wild (Baby Snakes, The Dub Room Special), this solitary, self-taught Seattleite has spent decades blowing the roof off the animation world’s expectations. His homespun hallucinatory clayscapes are staggering in their scope and crayon-grade gore, but the true mark of a Bickford stop-motion odyssey is the gleeful, nightmarish, boundlessly morphing detail he contains in every sequence. Bickford’s restless, hilarious altered-state action-adventures, replete with werewolves, dungeonmasters, forest nymphs and mutating cheeseburgers, affirm that even the gentlest soul can produce tumultuous, larger-than-life visions. Tonight, we honor Mr. Bickford in person, with a rare evening of shorts, experiments, and brand-new works highlighting his vastly underseen and equally remarkable hand-drawn animation — plus, the world premiere of Bickford’s finally-finished, twenty-plus-years-in-the-making magnum opus Cas’l, and live scores to select films by David Scott Stone (The Melvins, LCD Soundsystem) & Joey Karam (The Locust)!

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Watch an excerpt from Bruce Bickford’s “Prometheus’ Garden”!
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