An Evening With Antonio Fargas (feat. "Putney Swope"!)

It’s been our pleasure to celebrate a wide variety of character actors throughout Cinefamily’s years, but we’ve never had a guest with the ability to be so sharp, so smooth and so sly all at the same time. Known internationally for his landmark role as “Huggy Bear” on Starsky & Hutch, Antonio Fargas’ career now spans into its sixth decade. He’s been a staple of blaxploitation classics like Shaft, Foxy Brown, Car Wash and Cleopatra Jones, but he’s also had an illustrious stage career in New York and England alongside dozens of TV guest spots, playing a fearless panoply of out-there cats. Whenever this dude enters a scene, all heads immediately turn to him. His charisma is undeniable and his style, as RuPaul would say, is sickening. Come sit a spell with Antonio, as he regales us with a stream of stories from throughout his incredible ride. Plus, after the break, we’ll settle into a screening of Robert Downey, Sr.’s 1969 counterculture classic Putney Swope, featuring Antonio in one of his earliest, craziest, most verbally geometric roles.
Putney Swope Dir. Robert Downey, Sr., 1969, DCP, 84 min.

Watch an excerpt of Antonio Fargas in “Putney Swope”!
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