An Evening w/ John Sayles + Return of the Secaucus Seven (David Strathairn in person!)

35mm Restored Print Courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

To kick off our epic weekend with legendary filmmaker John Sayles, join us for a conversation with man himself! Then we’ll all begin the weekend’s marathon with Return of the Secaucus Seven!

Hollywood exploded into the Full-Throttle Blockbuster 1980s just as Sayles’s Return of the Secaucus Seven blazed another trail, a trail of “small” films about intimacy and friendship, a path filled with wry humor, sly jokes, old friends banging on the living room rug, and lots of talking. Sayles’s first film turns a gathering of former radicals, reunited ten years after their glory days, into a discourse of life lived, failures and successes, relationship issues and personal anxieties—and most of all, humor. The free-flowing wit and naturalistic carousing, the chatter of the everyday—that many directors later emulated—would become the identifier of true independent filmmaking. Return of the Secaucus Seven is fundamental, American-with-a-capital-A, Independent Cinema. Maybe the very beginning of it.

Dir John Sayles, 1979, 35mm, 104 min.

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