An Evening of EXPANDED Cinema on 16mm (Off-site at Barnsdall Art Park)

Ticket price includes a wine tasting

NOTE: These events are 21 & Over. Parking is free, but limited. Rideshare and carpool strongly encouraged! Bring a blanket, bring a pillow, but please, no lawn furniture. Bring a picnic, but no outside alcohol will be permitted.

Co-presented by Cinespia

Expanded Cinema is an attempt to broaden our filmic minds, moving beyond subjective experiences and into the realm of objective experiments. From the dazzling assemblage and collage of Bruce Conner to the cosmic consciousness of Jordan Belson and the computerized slit-scans of the Whitney Brothers, we’ve taken our favorites from the visually dazzling tradition of psychedelic cinema out of the galleries and onto a big screen under the Hollywood stars in the company of Frank Lloyd Wright’s majestic Hollyhock House. Inspired heavily by Gene Youngblood’s definitive text of the same name, we invite you to join us en plein air–on the same grounds where primary resident and avid arts patron Aline Barnsdall once hosted John and Jim Whitney–for an evening of the greatest experimental and exploratory films, all on gorgeous 16mm.

(Image courtesy Center for Visual Music.)

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!