An Afternoon with Jon Jost (feat. Angel City)

Co-presented by Los Angeles Filmforum

For decades, Jon Jost has remained one of our country’s most radical, experimental and truly independent filmmakers — and a revelatory font of boundless cinematic energy. Having worked constantly from the mid-’60s up through to today, Jost has worked outside the mainstream filmmaking apparatus to write, direct, photograph, produce and edit a landmark body of docs, fiction features and essay films that pierce through our collective soul, and question the very foundation of our alienated American experience. Join us as we probe Jon’s mind in an in-depth Q&A session about his one-of-a-kind whirlwind international filmmaking career, followed by a rare screening of Angel City, one of his very first features (and a fantastic Los Angeles time capsule to boot.) In an inventive and playful post-Godardian neo-noir riff, Angel City’s loose narrative gives us both the satisfying shape of a hardboiled detective fiction, and a densely-layered lasagna of Hollywood trope mockery, gleefully disruptive textual asides and pure love for the cinematic form.
Angel City Dir. Jon Jost, 1977, HD presentation, 75 min.

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