Amarcord (Off-site at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Pre-reception and drinks at 7pm
Show at 8pm (preceded by a puppet show!)

Fellini’s last major commercial success, this early-’70s, sublime fantasy/drama might also be the Italian master’s most triumphantly auto-biographical and unapologetically nostalgic effort. Amarcord, a Northern Italian term that translates to “I remember,” employs the teenaged Titta as guide through the uncannily familiar, absurd comedy of everyday life in a small, seaside village. Immersing us in the seasons, births, marriages, and deaths of the caricatural residents of Italy’s Borgo San Giuliano—a community still very much beholden the Fascist zeitgeist of the 1930s—Titta invites us to sit in at the explosive scene around his rustic, familial dinner table and sneaks us into the cinema with his rowdy friends, affording us Fellini’s commentary on his country’s “lapse of consciousness,” through a still-maturing teenaged boy tickled by ample flatulence—and even more ample breasts. Bookended by the magical, floating puffballs that signify a new Spring, Fellini’s exuberance makes Amarcord the perfect lens through which to consider the growing pains of a nation, via the rich symbols of adolescence.

Dir. Federico Fellini, 1973, digital presentation, 123 min.

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