Alps (9/26, 10:45pm)

Yorgos Lanthimos’s follow-up to cult sensation/Academy Award nominee Dogtooth is another darkly comic, absurdist vision of (in)human relationships, focusing on a mysterious underground organization that helps mourners get over their losses by impersonating the deceased.

“We’re going to say this only once. We recommend you go in to Alps as cold as possible. It’s not quite like anything you’ve seen (its closest relative being, well, Dogtooth), and part of its pleasure is watching it play out. Lanthimos continues to prove himself a supremely controlled, disciplined filmmaker: his use of focus alone could form the basis of a film school class, and it’s always interesting to note what he doesn’t show, frequently cutting off or obscuring faces and relying on body language. Alps has proven Lanthimos to be one of the most fascinating filmmakers anywhere right now.” — Oliver Lyttelton, Indiewire

Watch the trailer for “Alps!”
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