All These Sleepless Nights (LA Premiere!)

All These Sleepless Nights floats through the nighttime hours in contemporary Warsaw, guided by the restless consciousness of two twenty-ish boys, Michal and Krzysztof, who—along with Eva, the third character in this Jules et Jim-esque formation—have writing credits on this “doc.” Not much their senior, director and cinematographer Michael Marczak has identified the instantaneous patina that drenches young adulthood, capturing it with energetic contemporaneity rather than nostalgia. In this first feature, edited with Dorota Wardeszkiewicz (who edited for Krzysztof Kieslowski), the boys go to clubs, wander the streets, hang out in sparsely furnished apartments, meet girls. Their brand of lazy iconoclasm can sound like a youthful lifestyle-y piece, but the artistic vision of this film is far more ambitious: the understated and honest performances/lives pulse with the full-body commitment of dance, which is perhaps the film’s greatest source of inspiration. The dance scenes–from the deep synths of Warsaw clubs, through a traffic jam, in a field on an overcast day–reveal a deep sense of intuition, while the nimble camera, too, glides through raves and city streets with the magnetic ease of a dancer.

Dir. Michael Marczak, 2016, DCP, 100 min.