All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (L.A. premiere, filmmakers & cast in person!)

Co-presented by FEARnet

Director Jonathan Levine, writer Jacob Forman & cast members in person! Every passing year, the film festival circuit yields buzz-worthy horror films that end up languishing in distribution limbo, ones for which genre fans pine hungrily — and in the past decade, none have reached such a “white whale” status as this subversive slasher flick. Completed in 2006 and starring a then-unknown Amber Heard (Drive Angry) as an attractive, shy outsider invited to spend a deadly weekend at a secluded ranch house, the film was first snagged by The Weinstein Company after wowing Toronto Film Festival audiences. After passing hands to a different distributor that closed shop, Mandy Lane was left without a U.S. release of any kind — and years passed. Meanwhile, director Jonathan Levine would later helm critical and popular hits like 50/50, Warm Bodies and The Wackness, all as Mandy Lane claimed the #1 slot on’s “best unreleased horror films” list four years in a row. Not unlike a slasher film’s surviving heroine, the dawn has finally come and Mandy Lane has reached safety. Come if you dare to peep the epic final scare!
Dir. Jonathan Levine, 2006, 90 min.

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