All Screwed Up (newly restored!)

Sitting comfortably in the firing-on-all-cylinders period of Lina Wertmüller’s directing career – a five-year run of masterpieces from Seduction of Mimi to Seven Beauties – 1974’s lesser known, but equally fantastic All Screwed Up follows the struggles and misadventures of a group of young Sicilian migrants trying to make a life for themselves in the bustling city of Milan. Seamlessly blending sex farce, sociopolitical drama, and physical comedy into an episodic rumination on the trials of the urban working class, Wertmüller keeps her touch light while never shying away from the unpleasantries of life and love among Europe’s lower castes. Pulsing with a great 70s funk score – perfect accompaniment to the smog-drenched cityscapes – All Screwed Up highlights Wertmüller’s keen sense of the absurd and cements her status as a unique yet versatile cinematic voice.

Dir. Lina Wertmüller, 1974, DCP, 105min

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