Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

Based on the Nikolai Gogol novel of the same name (which also served as inspiration for none other than Mario Bava’s Black Sunday), and considered to be the first Soviet-era horror film released in the USSR, Viy is the hidden gem of our ALL OF THEM WITCHES series. Criminally underseen and unlike anything that came before it, Viy throws you into rural medieval Russia with a Goya-esque cast of grotesque bit-players, ingenious special effects, and dizzying, avant-garde cinematography. With tantalizing choreography that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, the titular Viy (loosely translated as the Devil’s emissary) engulfs the film in all her ashen, earthy, sinister glory! Perfect for both seasoned and green lovers of all things occult, don’t miss a rare 35mm presentation of this Russian masterpiece.

Dir. Georgi Kropachyov, Konstantin Yershov, 1967, 35 mm, 78 min.

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