ALL OF THEM WITCHES: FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS - Sugar Hill (w/ Dir. Paul Maslansky in person!)

The “witch” at hand here is Marki Bey as Diana Hill, aka Sugar Hill, a glam, white jumpsuit-clad voodoo queen, out to seek revenge for her lover’s murder at the hands of a band of sleazy and racist goons. The gangsters get what Sugar decides they deserve, with the help of the voodoo lord of the dead, Baron Samedi, and his zombie army made up the preserved bodies of former slaves brought over from Guinea. This blaxploitation flick hits all the right notes, equal parts cutting and creepy, and with a forest-set “reawakening of the zombies” scene that simply cannot be beat.

Dir Paul Maslansky, 1974, 35mm, 91 min.

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