ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Rosemary's Baby

You thought bearing your first child would be difficult? Try harboring Satan’s spawn in your womb. Every female’s paranoia about pregnancy is confronted both satirically and solemnly in Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby, the filmmaker’s first major stateside effort. Mia Farrow’s Omaha-born Rosemary, burdened by a lifetime of Catholic guilt and the narcissism of her actor husband Guy (an insipidly villainous John Cassavetes), finds her ultimate goal of motherhood foisted upon her, the conception curiously timed to increased visits from a septuagenarian couple, the Castavets (Sidney Blackmer and the ever-sublime Ruth Gordon). If the chanting heard through the apartment walls in the storied Bramford building they call home and the dreams too vivid to be apparitions could once be cast off, the wrath of the black magick brought upon Ro can no longer be ignored as gestation morphs into a nightmare incarnate. Join us as we “Hail, Satan!” in a rousing toast to Upper West Side, high society witchcraft in what we consider one of the greatest American horror films ever made.

Dir. Roman Polanski, 1968, 35mm, 136 min.

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