ALL OF THEM WITCHES: OCCULT LA - Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages w/ a live score by WHITE MAGIC

Presented by Jodi Wille (Director of The Source Family)

Live score by WHITE MAGIC with special guests Rococo Jet (Nora Keyes + Jimi Cabeza de Vaca) & Carisa Bianca Mellad!

Conjured in an obsessive fever dream by one of the boldest auteurs of the era (with the highest budget of any Swedish silent) Haxan is a taboo-busting, genre-bending, gorgeously-filmed exploration of witch hysteria during the Inquisition. Its release was so controversial that 8,000 Catholic women protested outside a single theater in France, and UK reviewers demanded that theaters “take it off the screen immediately!” Nearly 100 years later, Haxan’s vivid and haunting imagery is still searingly potent and the film still polarizing–considered by some a macabre exploitation film and by others an unflinching, authentic portrayal of the horrors wrought in the name of God during one of the most devastating eras of human history.

LA-based WHITE MAGIC (Mira Bilotte) will provide a live score to the film. Afterwards, join us on the patio to celebrate White Magic’s new record, “I’m Hiding My Nightingale,” amidst a pop-up exhibition of occult-themed posters and art from Century Guild.

Dir. Benjamin Christensen, 1922, Digital presentation, 87 min.