ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Lost & Found Film Club - Witches

We’re flying to the fringes of 16mm filmmaking to conjure a program of experimental shorts about witches and those who love them. Witchcraft has been subject to a wide variety of portrayals in short film history, from Maya Deren’s ethereal occult dreamscapes in Witch’s Cradle to the cackling cartoons of spider-webbed educational films. This moody brew features the best of both worlds! Fall under the spell of Stan Brakhage’s Cat’s Cradle, see Barbara Hammer’s Women’s Rites (shot on witches land in Northern CA), then sample the cooking of a suburban witch who specializes in trippy “magic pancakes.” Playing with animation, pixelation, time-lapse, and found footage as only the alchemical magic of film can, this is an acetate incantation for the cloak and crystal set. This supernatural 16mm spell will be cast for only one eerie eve, so transmogrify your coven’s calendar accordingly.

Featuring 16mm prints courtesy of Canyon Cinema, Filmmaker’s Co-op, Academy Film Archvie and A/V Geeks!

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!