ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Hangover Matinees - Bell, Book and Candle

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Based on a play inspired by Rene Clair’s I Married A Witch, Bell, Book and Candle is the too-oft forgotten showcase of the chemistry between Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak (Vertigo was released the same year). An absolutely delightful romance of the highest order, with a healthy dose of creep seeping into the periphery, it’s a classic tale of a love spell gone wrong: Kim Novak plays a seductive art dealer who decides her neighbor’s fiancé just isn’t good enough for him, casts a spell to get what she wants, and accidentally falls in love.

Sumptuously lensed in a bewitching palette of blue, lavender, and red by none other than James Wong Howe (Indiscretion of an American Wife, Sweet Smell of Success) and capturing Greenwich Village streets at dawn and twilight, this sole Hangover Matinee entry in our ALL OF THEM WITCHES series presents a singular and uncannily practical representation of a cat’s point of view. With a lovably goofy performance from Jack Lemmon as a warlock, and Jean Louis’ inimitable costumes, Bell Book and Candle is the greatest Christmas witch film you didn’t even realize you were missing.

Dir. Richard Quine, 1958, DCP, 106 min.

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