ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Friday Night Frights - The Craft

A spiritual predecessor to Joss Whedon’s TV Buffy-verse—which mined the “high school is hell” theme for several seasons—The Craft tells the tale of a high school witch coven attempting to seduce a new and powerful recruit. With a ‘90s dream team cast of young actresses—including Fairuza Balk (in a scene-stealing performance), Neve “Party of Five” Campbell, and Robin “Empire Records” Tunney—this silly/spooky flick is a deft exploration of the fragile ecosystem of cliques and teenage ties that bind, made all the more tenuous with a blast of cool magick! As an added bonus, look forward to a rockin’ 90s soundtrack…

Dir. Andrew Fleming, 1996, 35mm, 101 min.

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