Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland (with UFO researcher Jim Ledwith & director Andrew Thomas in person!)

Introduced by researcher and Sonoma Film Festival programmer “UFO Jim” Ledwith, who will also conduct a Q&A with director Andrew Thomas!

In 1995, Disney Television aired a most intriguing television special, in tandem with the launch of a new ride (“ExtraTERRORestrial”) at Disney World, Florida. A lost UFO documentary, hosted by Robert Urich and with an appearance from Disney CEO Michael Eisner, this rarely-seen documentary is notable for its serious treatment of the subject of ufos and alien abductions. Broadcast only once in five cities, without any advance publicity, the film promptly disappeared. Why? Come find out and hear from the director of this fascinatingly anomalous film, Andrew Thomas.

The screening is part of a program that accompanies the multimedia installation “The Eyes Are Always There” at Machine Project gallery in Echo Park. Opening February 5, the show features the work of artists Joe Merrell and Johnny Woods.

Dir. Andrew Thomas, 1995, Digital Presentation, 60 min.

Watch the original trailer!