Alien 3 ("Assembly Cut")

Coming off of the rah-rah bombast of Aliens, the world wasn’t ready for the darker, nihilistic world of Alien 3; here, David Fincher establishes the grimy aesthetic he later employed to unfettered praise with Se7en. Freed from the shackles of the franchise baggage that plagued its original release, this visually impeccable film, set on a hellish, backwater prison planet, can now be properly appreciated for what it is: a stark allegory on faith more in line with the original Alien than its celebrated predecessor. With a career-best performance by a shorn Sigourney Weaver, a cast filled chock-a-block with outstanding British character actors and a scenery-stealing turn by Charles S. Dutton, Alien 3 is now ready to take its place in the pantheon of great sci-fi horror films of the last few decades. Tonight, we screen the long-awaited “assembly cut”: the 2003 version that fleshes out characters and storylines left out of the theatrical version, and more closely represents Fincher’s original vision. Come witness the revival of this maligned gem in its proper glory.
Dir. David Fincher, 1992, HD presentation, 155 min.

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