Alice in Wonderland: An X-rated Musical Fantasy

The makers of the softcore hit Flesh Gordon returned with this naughty, notorious musical comedy featuring sweet ‘70s starlet Kristine DeBell (Meatballs) banging, blowing, and finger-fiddling her way through Lewis Carroll’s goofy gallery of beloved characters. Sweet librarian Alice gets cold feet about going all the way with her boyfriend and follows the White Rabbit (played by a pseudonymous Larry Gelman from “The Bob Newhart Show”) into a Wonderland that leaves her a whole lot less inhibited thanks to a filthy Mad Hatter, a skinny and very frisky Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and a nasty Queen of Hearts, among many others. Sweet, witty, and naughty in the way only the ‘70s could be, this nifty time capsule feels like an off-Broadway musical staged by the staff of Penthouse. Don’t bring the kiddies to come and see a side of Alice that Tim Burton and Disney would never, ever dare show you.

Dir. Bud Townsend, 1976, 35mm, 81 min.

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