Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Made directly in-between the twin titans of Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore shows off Martin Scorsese’s rare female-centric side. After the smashing success of The Exorcist, actress Ellen Burstyn had her pick of any roles and collaborators she wanted. As any smart artist in 1974 would do, she chose rising directorial star Scorsese as her filmmaker — and, as her leading man, Kris Kristofferson, who was at that time quickly becoming a pop icon of sensitive masculinity. As soft spoken divorcee David, Kristofferson exudes quiet warmth and care, two qualities Alice (an amazing Burstyn, who won a Best Actress Oscar for her work here) hasn’t found in a man in years — not even her late husband, whose death sends her on a road trip to find emotional and artistic peace. With an effortless charm, Kristofferson ingratiates David to Alice and audience alike, in a portrayal that would likewise solidify the entertainer’s evolution as an actor with a growing range.
Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1974, 35mm, 112 min.

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