Afternoon Delight (filmmaker Jill Soloway in person!)

Our eyes were caught when Afternoon Delight, which, from the outside looked like a modest dramedy, graced Tarantino’s “Top 10” list of 2013 — though, with Blue Jasmine and Frances Ha on there as well, QT’s taste may now be running far more to the mature, relationship-oriented side of the spectrum than any of us would think. After checking out Afternoon Delight, we were enraptured with the steady wit and humanity of filmmaker Jill Soloway, whose background includes writing on Six Feet Under, among many other projects.) In her reworking of Love in the Afternoon (Eric Rohmer’s beautiful examination of a married man’s sexual midlife crisis) it’s actress Kathryn Hahn who needs to fill her joyless afternoons with something — more. Also toying with the housewife/whore relationship, Hahn becomes fascinated, and drawn into the life of a stripper she meets and befriends, played by new indie stalwart Juno Temple in a miracle of a performance. There’s something so incredibly precise and well-observed about every one of Temple’s line readings that we found ourselves laughing at nearly everything word that came out of her mouth. Jill Soloway in person!
Dir. Jill Soloway, 2013, DCP, 95 min.