Adult Swim presents Brad Neely: From Creased Comics To China, IL

Presented by Adult Swim

Back in the genteel era of the mid-Aughts, when Brad Neely’s squiggly, minimalist/absurdist animations were exploding streaks of oblique insanity all over the Internet, few could have imagined that the mad scientist responsible for cultivating legions of confused snort-laughs and so much viral, hysterical unease via his Creased Comics web videos would reach a T.V. audience. But like his brilliant, dick-stuffed interpretation of the great George Washington, Neely is a master of playing against expectations. From Professor Brothers to I Am Baby Cakes, whether spearing biblical tropes with arrows of awesome, prescient disgustingness, or diving open-eyeballed into gleeful insipidity (Cat People, anyone?), Neely’s unmistakably bent sensibility punctures our souls like a radioactive railroad spike. And now, thanks to Adult Swim, Neely has another outlet in the form of his new series, China, IL. Join us for a selection of Creased Comics classics, unseen exclusives and a sure-to-be butt-gusting Q&A, as we trace the evolution and ethos of the Brad Neely multi-verse — and stick around after the show for our carnage-laden karaoke afterparty!

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for “Brad Neely: From Creased Comics To China, IL”!

Watch an excerpt from “China, IL”!
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Watch the quick music video for Baby Cakes’ “Cat People”!
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