Adalen 31 (with Olivier Assayas in person)

Pre and post screening DJ set by Mark Wright from Décadanse Soirée

Co-presented by the French Film and TV Office

“Widerberg tells the film as gracefully as the impressionist painters” – Olivier Assayas

Bo Widerberg’s Adalen 31 is a seminal work by one of Sweden’s most seminal filmmakers. Winner of a Special Jury prize at Cannes in 1969, it is a gorgeous ode to the workers who striked, struggled, in some cases died in the 1931 Adalen Riots – a historical confrontation between the military and labour demonstrators that ended in tragedy, but paved the way for worker’s rights in the following century. Widerberg is sometimes called the anti-Bergman, because he is more concerned with man’s relationship with his fellow man, than his relationship with God. Serious as the subject is, Widerberg finds charm and humanity in the day to day lives of his town of sawmill workers, who must while away the weeks, hungry and out of work, waiting for a new era to come. By finding a light touch – with cinematic grace galore – Widerberg transmits the emotional power of their struggle with strength. Shown in 35mm, with an imported print from the Swedish Film Institute.

Dir. Bo Widerberg, 1969, 35mm, 110 min.