ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Cats

All children under 14 get free admission to this event! Free advance tickets for your kids can be acquired at the same time as your Adult admission, through the online ticketing link.

Long before the Internet turned cat haters into cat lovers, vintage Saturday Morning Cartoons were on the prowl, beaming a double dose of cats into our homes. From lovable kitties with their magical bag of tricks, to feline mopers with a distaste for Mondays (even though they have no job to go to), cats have been villains, heroes, foils and schemers. Hell, they can even be made of Thunder! Whether it’s Tom chasing Jerry, Stimpy annoying Ren, or Eek helping Incredible Elmo, these cats have covered all the bases. For this lively inaugural SMC show, we’ve collected some of our favorite scenes from cat-themed cartoons throughout the decades, as well as a few full episodes to watch. Is there any better way to kick off our new Saturday Morning ritual? We don’t think so. (If there is, we’re not sure we want to know, because we’ve already committed to cats.)

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “ABD’s Saturday Morning Cartoons: Cats”!