ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Wabbit Season

It’s Saturday Morning at Cinefamily, and this month we’re celebrating chocolate bunnies and long-eared mischief makers in an ode to Wascally Wabbits! Expect much more than wall-to-wall Bugs Bunny–not that we would wouldn’t love that–with all sorts of cotton-tailed heroes and villains. From Rabbits like Peter, Roger and Br’er to Bunnies like Bugs, Buster, Bunnicula and Ace, and culled from Tiny Toon Adventures, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Amazing World of Gumball, this month’s program will be an unmissable bunny-fest.

Pajamas not mandatory, but encouraged. Complimentary cereal bar with a rotation of the best sugary cereals on the market (featuring our monthly mix) and a cash bar for the grown ups who want their sugar delivered in the form of a mimosa.