ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Science

Equations, Potions, Space Ships! Science is not about boring speeches and endless mathematical equations. Rather, it can wonderously be about magic, robots, travel to far-flung worlds — above all, science is about exploration. Join us as we peer into animation’s microscope and explore futuristic families, maniacal martians and little laboratories up close and personal on a giant screen. Is it true that Gilligan’s Island birthed an animated sitcom set in space? Is it true that space madness is contagious? Is there really a Planet X — and just who owns it, Earth or Mars? The answers of all these burning questions will be answered April 4th. So, young scien-teers, gather your tools and let’s blast off towards another month of animated awesomeness. This month, we’ll also feature our favorite PSAs in-between the cartoons — and as always, treat yourself to our special all-you-can-eat cereal bar. Kids 14-and-under get free admission!

Watch the trailer for “ABD’s Saturday Morning Cartoons: Science”!