ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Origins (co-hosted by David Silverman!)

As we come up on the first Saturday of the month, animation director David Silverman (Monsters, Inc., The Simpsons Movie) joins us for another one of our jam-packed noontime programs! We’re giving David the keys to the family time machine, and he’s plotted a course straight to the origins of the Saturday Morning Cartoons phenomenon: an era when they were first broadcast to an eager audience of hungry young minds forever shaped (or warped, depending on whom you ask) by their wry humor and out-there concepts — serious influences on all the animator legends that followed. Join us in rediscovering the classic awesomeness of Hanna Barbera, Jay Ward, Chuck Jones and more, hand-selected by David for how they inspired his own career and style. Free admission for all children 14 and under. Feel free to come in your PJs, and don’t forget to visit the free cereal bar while you’re here!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for the show!