ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mysteries

The wind blows sinisterly through the trees…an owl howls in the night..a group of teenagers and their random mascot bursts forth from a Gothic house, running for their lives. Will it be Old Man Rivers, who owns the abandoned amusement park? Will it be the dastardly Dr. Claw? If your childhood was anything like ours, then these images are firmly a part of it. From the small sleuths to the daring nitwit detectives, from knee-high P.I.s to Rescue Rangers, cartoon crime solvers and mystery gangs have been a welcome staple since we can remember. Plus, nothing says Saturday Morning like cartoon procedurals’ comforting takes on routine, closure and smalltown weirdos with a beef against roving packs of whippersnappers. So follow the footprints, polish your magnifying glass and prepare your Scooby Snacks, ‘cause this month’s show is a winding trip through the spooky cartoon mysteries of the past. Free admission for all children 14 and under. Feel free to come in your PJs, and don’t forget to visit the free cereal bar while you’re here!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mysteries”!