ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Love & Hate

For this month’s sugar-packed, chocolate-covered, marshmallow-topped special Leap Year edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we’ve gathered all the tales of tenderness, feats of friendship, great romances, and cartoon camaraderie we could cram into one show, honoring St. Valentine! Our ode to the great Loves, Hates, and Friendships of the cartoon-iverse features Mickey and Minnie, Popeye and Olive Oyl, Ralph the sheepdog and Sam the wolf, plus plenty of surprises! From classic Pepe Le Pew foul play to modern day Regular Show shenanigans, it’s going to be a Saturday full of love and plenty of Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Curated commercial breaks, all-you-can-eat cereal bar, and a cash bar for the more grown up kids who want to enjoy a mimosa with their cartoons. Pajamas not mandatory, but encouraged.