Look up in the sky! It’s a bird? it’s a plane? NO! It’s this month’s crime fighting, justice preserving, gadget wielding Cartoon extravaganza! From heroes to mutants, and villains both sympathetic and sociopathic, cartoon caped crusaders have been part of our lives long before Christian Bale made Batman into nothing more than a voice, or Marvel mad a whole universe of movies. Underdogs and super rabbits, powdered toast men and jokers, cartoon superheroes and villains, even before the comics themselves, have been how we learned about right and wrong, bravery and cowardice and how to rock tights and still look good. Saturday morning cartoons have always had superheroes at their core, and we are very proud to finally give them their time in the bat-signal spotlight. So join the Cinefamily and Animation Breakdown for a heroic way to get your Saturday going. We will be showing a great mix ranging from the colorful madness of Ralph Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse to the gothic awesomeness of Batman the Animated Series to the irreverent insanity of Amy Poehler’s The Mighty B.

Snacks, as well as our all you can eat cereal bar (with the month’s special cereal mix) will be provided – and all kids under 14 get in for free! See you Saturday and don’t forget to bring your most heroic pajamas.