ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: Anything Goes Bash!

Good Morning Boys and Girls! Following a spectacular year for Saturday Morning Cartoons, we’re happy to announce that we will continue the series in 2016!

For our final event of the year, programmers Simon Oré and James Fino have assembled a batch of their all-time favorite cartoons—gems that for one reason or another just didn’t fit into any of this year’s themes. This month—no holds barred—we present some of our favorite Looney Tunes, Sports Goofy shorts, Tex Avery, and Bravest Warriors. You’ll discover Bee and PuppyCat, revisit classic Nicktoons, and get pulled right into the wonderful and unpredictable mishmash we remember from the Saturday Morning Cartoon lineups of our childhoods.

Presented with special classic Holiday commercial breaks, all-you-can-eat cereals, and treats for kids of all ages! Pajamas are not mandatory, but they should be, and are encouraged.