ABD's Saturday Morning Cartoons: BABYFICATION

Join us in celebrating our calendar’s birthday with a good ol’ fashioned Cinefamily Jr’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Show! What better way to honor Baby New Year than with a curated selection of the best examples of Cartoon Babyfication. From special episodes where beloved toons are younger—Scooby Doo as a Puppy, Inspector Gadget as a little kid—to spin-off series, all your favorite cartoon babes will be here.

Ageless and timeless cartoons were all we knew— until Muppet Babies came along, and we were spoiled with junior versions of cartoons, alternate cartoon-iverses unto themselves—Fred and Wilma in grade school together, the animals from the Jungle Book as friends since birth, teenaged Yogi Bear solving mysteries with a baby Boo-Boo Bear. We’ve picked out our favorite baby episodes, with gems from Adventure Time, Rugrats, Jungle Cubs, Tiny Toon adventures, and more.

Pajamas not mandatory, but encouraged.

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