Baby, it’s the Blax-orcist, and it’s gonna turn your brain to pea soup! Before he moved onto classy Hollywood fare like Day of the Animals (featuring a shirtless Leslie Nielsen in hand-to-hand combat with a grizzly bear), Kentucky trash auteur William Girdler reached the peak of his regional success with Abby, a shameless Exorcist rip-off that cuts to the chase by significantly amping up the both the bootylicious and ridiculous quotients. Blacula’s William Marshall plays a heavy-duty minister whose archeological work in Africa unleashes a Pazuzu-like sex demon — one who inhabits the body of the minister’s upstanding daughter-in-law (The Mack’s Carol Speed.) In a supremely nutty turn, Speed morphs from a prim ‘n proper churchgoer into a sex-crazed freakazoid, bonking everything in sight until Marshall steps in to rip her possessed soul a new asshole. Girdler hit the drive-in jackpot with this one, racking up millions in box office until Warner Brothers brought the legal hammer down and exorcised it off the screen, due to its heavy similarities with the Freidkin-helmed classic. Rarer than hell, Abby comes to us from one of the last known 16mm prints in the world!
Dir. William Girdler, 1974, 16mm, 89 min.