A Tribute To The Gong Show (feat. The Gong Show Movie & live Q&A w/ Jaye P. Morgan and Arte Johnson!!)

A bold statement, but it’s true: “The Gong Show” is one of the most monumental achievements in the history of broadcast television. No other single program we can think of even comes close to matching its level of joviality, moment-by-moment entertainment value — and stratospheric total madness. Like one giant conga line of inspired manic (and probably drunken) flapdoodle, “The Gong Show” appeared in a post-Watergate era when our country desperately needed a few laughs, and for almost five dizzying years, it supplied the American public with enough glorious vaudevillian-talent-show-on-acid idiocy to last several lifetimes. It’s a truly sad fact that “Gong Show” reruns are completely non-existent in our time, so we’re remedying it by bringing you a big fat slate of Cinefamily’s most favorite “Gong Show” acts, guest hosts, musical numbers and, perhaps best of all, moments of inspired lunacy from show host Chuck Barris. Then, it’s time for an ultra-rare 35mm screening of The Gong Show Movie: the head-shaking 1980 feature film swansong (co-written and partially directed by counterculture legend Robert Downey, Sr.) that takes a peek behind the stage door curtain, to reveal both “too hot for TV” uncensored show outtakes and Chuckie Baby’s groovy existential crisis! C’mon down for more sssssssssstuff! Schedules permitting, classic Gong Show guest judges Jaye P. Morgan and Arte Johnson will be here for a live Q&A to share some of their zaniest Gong Show memories!
The Gong Show Movie Dirs. Chuck Barris & Robert Downey, 1980, 35mm, 89 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for “A Tribute To The Gong Show”!
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Watch a clip of The Worms from “The Gong Show”!
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Watch “the act that would not end” from “The Gong Show”!
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