Cinefamily's Holiday Office Party (feat. A Mondo Trip Through "The Xmas Tapes"!)


Come dressed in your favorite weird holiday gear, as our Office Party doubles as a Bad Xmas Sweater Bonanza! Conjure a panorama of Secret Santas, hot cider, Dilbert-esque dialogue with neighboring cubicle jockeys and maybe even a heartwarming speech or two — and you’ve got Cinefamily’s year-end holiday Office Party, except without all that silly stuff (well, except for the hot cider, of course.) Plus, it’s time to unveil our very latest found-footage obsession…

No ridiculous Xmas ritual rings so true to our hearts than that of the BBC’s “Christmas Tapes.” The British Broadcasting Corporation, bless ‘em, churned out so many teevee productions throughout the decades — news, sports, music, comedy, drama, etc. — that, throughout the Eighties, their VT Dept. (the mole people populating their darkened videotape editing wing) annually strung together the most misshapen magnetic moments for their Christmas staff party. We’ve recently discovered a cornucopia of these cheeky artifacts, bearing names like White Powder Christmas and Good King Memorex — and we’ve distilled it all into a feature-length celebration of the absurd, the surreal and the unexplainable all accidentally committed in the name of “quality television.” Hot stuff for a blustery winter night!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “A Mondo Trip Through The Xmas Tapes”!