A Life in Waves (encore!)

Whether you know it or not – you’re familiar with the work of Suzanne Ciani. Her accolades range from “pioneering electronic musician” to “America’s first female synth hero” to being the first solo female composer to soundtrack a Hollywood film (Lily Tomlin’s The Incredible Shrinking Woman, that is) but that doesn’t even begin to cover her most widely distributed work – ads. Ciani was an incredibly talented artist, crafting lush, romantic, classically-influenced electronic music during what was the heydey of Tangerine Dream and the period that marked the emergence of “New Age” as a category, but she was also a savvy business woman, and funded her creative endeavors with the production of sounds for advertisements and products – from the famous Coca-cola “pop and pour” to pinball games galore. Brett Whitcomb’s intimate, reflective portrait takes us through Suzanne’s career – from her first encounters with a piano to her relationship with her beloved Buchla synthesizer – all to the tune of Ciani’s own compositions.

Dir. Brett Whitcomb, 2017, DCP, 74 min.

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