A Field In England (2/13, 9:50 PM)

“Wheatley’s fourth feature is his most unclassifiable yet, blending historical drama, 1960s psychedelia and formal experimentation…this is that hyper-rare object, a genuinely strange British film.” — Jonathan Romney, The Independent

“A most original and stunning cinematic experience” — Martin Scorsese

Specializing in weirdos, whackos, wiccans and hatchet men, Ben Wheatley has become a truly vibrant film artist to watch in just a handful of years. His movies (Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers) are a mad buffet of the murderous and the mundane — and his latest, A Field In England, veers off in a totally different direction: a scrappy, heady brew of psychedelia, historical docudrama and all-out insanity. A Field In England takes on the heavy B&W atmosphere of an early Black Sabbath album, as it follows a quintet of 17th-century British Civil War refugees fighting, freaking out on wild ‘shrooms and fleeing into the countryside. Along the way, Wheatley takes startling cues from the dense time-spanning works of Peter Watkins (Culloden, Punishment Park), the occult-meets-Christianity overtones of The Wicker Man, the mud-smeared period detail of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the playful phantasmagoria of Alejandro Jodorowsky — all the while serving up devious Shakespearean wit and exquisitely mindfucked images. Open up, and let the devil in!
Dir. Ben Wheatley, 2013, DCP, 91 min.

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