A Celebration of Homemade Horror, Night 2 (feat. Disconnected & Scary Movie!)

Disconnected – 7:30pm
Sparse, experimental, mysterious, grotty and totally unpredictable in every way, Gorman Bechard’s early ‘80s Connecticut production of Disconnected is a true high point in the pantheon of DIY horror obscurities. Through a sparkling cough-syrup haze of avant-garde technique, elliptical storytelling, eyebrow-raising red herrings and rare East Coast post-punk, we’re told the story of a video store clerk(!) who has a slutty twin sister that turns up dead, is seduced by a creepily feminine serial killer dude, and is endlessly tormented by harassing phone calls containing nothing but violently squelching bursts of noise resembling Satan puking up the Ultimate Hairball. Much like Mulholland Dr. or Don’t Look Now, Disconnected raises more questions than it answers, but the fun is luxuriating in the uncomfortable, claustrophobic universe Berchard devises: a careening realm of blood-spattered dream sequences (or are they?), hoagie-chomping lousy cops, instantly evaporating lines of dialogue and a finale that spirals into genuine madness.
Dir. Gorman Bechard, 1983, 16mm, 82 min.

Scary Movie (1989) – 9:15pm
Our double bill of strange ‘n funky hermetically-sealed worlds of horror continues with the late-’80s Austin, TX gem Scary Movie! A young John Hawkes (“Deadwood”, “Eastbound & Down”, Winter’s Bone) stars as an über-twitchy nerd who partakes in the local charity-run haunted house, only to plagued by visions of a notorious killer stalking him inside the event’s confines. Director Daniel Erickson’s deft blend of near-vérité local color and psychological thrills are a big plus, but Hawkes’ carefully controlled arc of one geek’s total mental breakdown results in one of the great unsung lead performances of ‘80s horror.
Dir. Daniel Erickson, 1989, 16mm, 90 min.

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Watch an excerpt from “Scary Movie”!