A Celebration of Homemade Horror, Night 1 (feat. Rob Schrab's Found Crap Halloween Special & Boardinghouse)

Co-presented by Everything Is Terrible!

A double feature so crammed with VHS violence you’ll be giving yourself an eyewash with tape head cleaner! Evil genius Rob Schrab is up first, presenting a mondo mix of his favorite SOV (Shot On Video) horror, which includes the beloved Midwestern master of the macabre, Paul Knop: a man (hero?) who tirelessly worked as a bondage filmmaker in order to support his signature ‘Vampire Vignettes’ that only he or M. Night Shyamalan could have created. Seriously, this stuff will remind you how truly hilarious/terrifying/effective gritty VHS can be. On top of that, we also give you a treat among treats for connossieurs of crazed creepy crap; the 1982 production Boardinghouse is so bat-shit bonkers that it was originally shot on videotape, then transfered to film, then back to video — and WE’RE SCREENING IT ON 35MM! Whaaaaa?!? Anyway, the story itself is timeless: thonged telekinetic man rents rooms in haunted house to “beautiful women with no ties.” Boobs ensue. Woman turns into old man with rat in mouth. Other indescribable shit whisks by. You think you may have seen it all, but trust us, you haven’t. Ever. EVER! There is simply nothing to compare it to. “It’s a movie with human beings in it, but this could not have possibly been made by human beings.” — Bleeding Skull
Boardinghouse Dir. John Wintergate, 1982, 35mm, 98 min.

Watch Cinefamily’s trailer for our “Homemade Horror” weekend!

Watch the trailer for “Boardinghouse”!
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